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“If you really believe that representation doesn’t matter, then why the fuck are you threatened by it? If not seeing yourself depicted in stories has no negative psychological impact - if the breakdown of who we see on screen has no bearing on wider social issues - then what would it matter if nine stories out of ten were suddenly all about queer brown women? No big, right? It wouldn’t change anything important; just a few superficial details. Because YOU can identify with ANYONE.

So I guess the problem is that you just don’t want to. Because deep down, you think it’ll make stories worse. And why is that? Oh, yeah: because it means they wouldn’t all be about YOU.”

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angel angel angel

I have a perfect jawline k bye

I have a perfect jawline k bye

tortillakind said: Is it cool if I follow your new blog?

Yes absolutely!!! That’s why I followed y’all so my mutuals could follow if :D

Who wants to go see Maleficent with me

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be the person brienne of tarth would pledge her sword to

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The only thing I’m looking forward to today is pizza pockets when I get home